Lingual braces

Lingual braces provide us with the same level of tooth control as conventional fixed braces, so they are capable of treating complex cases and achieving fantastic results. We use the WIN lingual brace system, which has custom-made brackets that are designed to perfectly fit every tooth. It also features personalised archwires and a low-profile design for maximum comfort.

Treatment with lingual braces typically takes between one and two years. Excitingly, though, you’ll start to see your smile improving after just a few months. If you are only concerned about the appearance of your front teeth, we can even fit your lingual brace to just your front six or eight teeth. In these cases, results can often be achieved within a much shorter time frame.

Case study

This 24 year-old dentist wanted to have her crowded teeth straightened but was a little self-conscious about wearing conventional braces on the outside of her teeth! She opted for lingual braces, which are placed on the inside of the teeth and therefore invisible to the outside world! In this case, we have used the WIN lingual appliance. Treatment took just over twelve months to straighten her teeth.