Functional braces

Twin block braces

Twin block braces are the most popular type of functional brace currently used in the UK. They work to correct prominent upper front teeth in growing children, by bringing the lower teeth and jaw forward.

They can achieve a dramatic difference, but need to be worn virtually full-time for six to 12 months.

Twin block braces

Fixed-functional braces

Fixed-functional braces consist of a functional brace connected to a fixed brace. They have the advantage of allowing the simultaneous correction of your bite and teeth, helping to reduce the overall length of your treatment.

Fixed-functionals are usually best suited to older children with protruding upper front teeth.

Bionator braces

The Bionator is another functional appliance that we occasionally use to treat bite problems. It works in the same way as other functional appliances, but it’s ideal for slightly younger children who still have quite a few of their baby teeth present.

The Bionator can also be very good at reducing tooth prominence prior to using fixed braces.
Bionator brace

Case study

14 year old Billy’s upper front teeth were sticking out over a centimetre! His lower lip was habitually stuck behind his upper front teeth and they were vulnerable to trauma. He underwent treatment with a functional appliance to correct his sticking out front teeth and then fixed braces to align his teeth and detail his bite. A great result!